Hoefsloot Spatial Solutions

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Spatial Information for Decision Makers

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Monitoring Agricultural Production for UN and Insurances
Early Warning for food shortages throughout Africa and a number of countries in Asia is at the core of our work. Ideas by scientists and managers of international organisations have been put to operational use in several well-known software packages such as SUIVI, AgrometShell, LEAP for Ethiopia and Africa RiskView.

Satellite Information

Data on Agriculture, Rainfall, Nature and Water
Good data are the basis of effective studies and policies. Data, whether satellite based of ground based, are valuable. Sorting out data as well as quality assurance, web visualization, database design and web synchronization is an integral part of all our projects.

GIS, Modeling and the Web
Geographic Information Systems on the desktop and the web are indispensible for interdisciplinary studies.
Botswana Workshop

Training and Support
Training and Support to your staff makes the picture complete. We have provided training workshops in many countries as well as support through e-mail and web bulletin boards. Over 10 manuals on the use of data and software have been written and made available.




Supporting Precision Agriculture in The Netherlands

We just started supporting the company TTW with the application of sensor and satellite information for precision agriculture in The Netherlands. TTW assists farmers by closely monitoring their crops. The precision agriculture research program is initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture and several companies.


Training Database for Dutch Ministry of Water

In cooperation with Bioniers HSS establishes a training database at the Ministry of Water.


Aid for Horn of Africa

The Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs has requested a group of experts for advice on where to assist countries in the Horn of Africa. The assistance will be related to water and food security. We are now gathering information: http://www.hoefsloot.com/horn


Adaption to Climate Change in Ghana

Hoefsloot Spatial Solutions and Remme Consult jointly support the Ghana IIPACC (Innovative Insurance Products for the Adaption to Climate Change) with data, software and advice. Read more...



Peter Hoefsloot currently organizes a network with more than 60 independent professionals in water related subjects.