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Food and Agriculture  Organization of the United Nations

SADC Food Security Program, Zimbabwe

Research Institute for Industrial Crops, Bologna, Italy

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Hoefsloot Software

AgrometShell (AMS)
Software for crop yield forecasting initiated by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

(version 1.57)

Documents Author
AgrometShell CM Box User Guide Peter Hoefsloot

AMS Tutorial (Southern Africa)
 Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

Elijah Mukhala and Peter Hoefsloot
AMS Tutorial (Afghanistan) Peter Hoefsloot
FAOMET manual René Gommes
FAOINDEX manual René Gommes
AMS presentation Peter Hoefsloot
Software complementing AMS Michele Bernardi
Use of AMS at European Union Joint Research Centre Oscar Rojas
Description of the SEDI interpolation method Peter Hoefsloot
Gaps in maps, about the estimation of missing data René Gommes and Peter Hoefsloot
Diplome d'etude specialisées interuniversitaire en gestion des risques naturels, a guide in French describing the use of AMS for crop forecasting GUÉRI LUS Pierre-Mary et Bernard Tychon
Manual of Agrometeorology Tools in SADC Early Warning Systems for Food Security Clarence Sakamoto, 1995
Operational maize yield model development and validation based on remote sensing and agro-meteorological data in Kenya (in International Journal of Remote Sensing) Oscar Rojas, 2007
Prévision de la production nationale d’arachide au Sénégal à partir du modèle agrométéorologique AMS et du NDVI Amani Louis KOUADIO, 2007
Pakistan UTF 101 Crop Forecasting Training Manual Muhammad Hayat Khan and others, 2007
Maize Water Requirement in Zambia Peggy Thole, 2009
Countries and regions that use AMS

FAO, Rome, Italy


Southern Africa
Some Food Security bulletins created with AMS
Southern Africa
Eastern Africa
Related tools (all free) Author
BAGS estimates "Beginning And end of the Growing Season". More See here. Pierre Mahau
Pixel-by-Pixel Classification for Zoning and Monitoring (ADDAPIX) and as program to extract data for a user-defined region from a set of VEGETATION files VGT. Silvio Griguolo
GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) now has IDA format support. Frank Warmerdam
Tools for Agrometeorology and Agricultural Modelling Marcello Donatelli
Web LocClim, the online local Monthly Climate Estimator . See also here Jürgen Grieser and René Gommes
See here the FAO FTP site with a number of tools Several authors
STACAT, a utility that uses Neural Networks and AMS outputs to forecast crops. Bernard Tychon (the University of Liège).
Tamuka Magadzire has developed the programme WBPP that does "post-processing" on AMS outputs. More... Tamuka Magadzire (USGS/FEWSNET and SADC RRSU), Harare, Zimbabwe
Get worldwide satellite based estimates of weather parameters from and turn them into IDA images with this tool Peter Hoefsloot
Two implementations of a slope/intercept changer for IDA images. One and Two Peter Hoefsloot and Rene Gommes
Convert images from Windisp to ArcGIS/ERDAS BIL format with this tool: IMG2BIL.EXE Peter Hoefsloot
Convert ArcGIS rasters (FLT format) to Windisp with this tool: FLT2IMG.ZIP Peter Hoefsloot
Convert ArcGIS Shape files to BNA files with this tool: SHP2BNA Silvio Griguolo - University IUAV of Venice
Calculate the centers of gravity for polygons in a bna file with this tool: COG. Documentation. Juergen Grieser - FAO - Rome
Calculate incoming solar radiation (top of atmosphere): Juergen Grieser - FAO - Rome
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